Wind Power

Turner switches have been specified and employed in Wind Farm Substations for years, since the very beginning of the trend to generate electricity using wind power as an alternative to fossil fueled generation.

Two different design solutions are offered. Turner can supply vertical, center, side, or double-end break group-operated disconnects for the horizontally oriented, traditional land-based substation, whether equipped with circuit breakers or not. Ratings are offered from 15kV to 800kV.

Conversely, several electric power providers have taken a different, more economical approach utilizing phase-over-phase vertical construction, thus reducing construction time and utilizing much less real estate. This solution, called Substation in the Sky, mounts the switches vertically, one phase over another, on a suitable pole.

These power providers have realized savings up to 75 per cent compared to the cost of conventional horizontally oriented land-based construction.

As the industry struggles to prove the financial viability of this green power solution, creative switching configurations can help. Your Turner Electric sales representative will be pleased to assist you.