When system requirements force a decision to replace a switch with one having greater ampacity, or load-interrupting capability, or adding a motor-operator or grounding switch, your Turner sales and service team will probably have a retrofit solution already in place.

Replacing an entire switch, when all that is required is an upgrading of ratings, or addition of an interrupter or a grounding switch, wastes precious resources and expends construction time unnecessarily.

Retrofit existing switches:

  • Reduce system outage time
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase system capacity
  • Add functionality

Retrofitting existing Turner Type D phase-over-phase switches with new, field-upgradable blade and contact hardware from the SilverTip® TSB line of aluminum side-break switches makes future upgrades extremely easy. Replacing various combinations of switch blades, switch contacts and/or switch jaws result in different upgrade options. Upgrade ratings to 3000 Amp by replacing the blade, contacts and jaws.

Retrofit existing SEECO switches to increase reliability, and upgrade switch capability. Choose from retrofit kits that employ Turner Type D switch components, or the new SilverTip aluminum TSB switch components.

More than 1000 drawings and plans exist in Turner’s Engineering department to add Turner’s Patented TECO-Rupter┬«Vacuum interruption option for different switch configurations and manufacturers. Tell us what switch you have installed. We probably have a drawing for it already.

Turner electro-mechanical SF100, SF200, SF300 and the new SF400 Motor Operators retrofit to all Turner switches; and most other manufacturer switches, as well.