RLS and RLM VMax LOOP-SPLIT Interrupters

RLS and RLM TECO-Rupter® Vacuum Load Interrupters

Type: RLS and RLM TECO-Rupters
Orientation: Can be mounted to any switch mounting configuration
Ratings: 15kV through 230kV
Ratings A: Up to 3000 Ampere interruption


    Vacuum Interrupters save maintenance, save downstream equipment and the environment.

    TECO-Rupter®Vacuum Circuit Interrupters

    For more than 35 years, Turner Electric’s TECO-Rupter®Vacuum Interrupters have been the technology of choice for loop and load-break applications because of their current-interrupting ability, superior reliability and ease of application.

    The RLB, RLM and RLS TECO-Rupters offer industry-leading performance levels including longer service life, greater interrupting capacity and superior TRV ratings compared to other load-break technologies such as SF6. No other load-break device provides 5,000 full load operations at either 2,000 or 3,000 Ampere ratings and a TRV rating up to 57kV.

    Type RLS and RLM TECO-Rupters

    In general, Turner Type RLS TECO-Rupters are used in Loop Split circuits up to 2000A. They can interrupt up to 2000 Amps at voltages of 15kV to 230kV.

    Type RLM TECO-Rupters are typically used in Loop Split circuits up to 3000A. They can interrupt up to 3000 Amps at 34kV.

    RLS and RLM TECO-Rupters are offered as an attachment to Turner switches as well as designs of other switch manufacturers. They can be attached to vertical break, side break, hookstick, and center break switch designs.

    No maintenance required

    Vacuum bottles are 100% tested in the factory, not once, but three times, before shipment to the customer. According to the manufacturer’s records, “once a VI is in the field for 3 to 5 years, it will be vacuum-tight for life. During those early years, there is less than 1 chance in 105 of a Vacuum leak occurring.”1

    There is no scheduled maintenance required with a TECO-Rupter. Once installed, it will remain ready for duty until called upon to interrupt load current, magnetizing current, transformer current, Loop or Parallel circuits or Split ties in a substation.

    Unlike alternate-dielectric interrupters, TECO-Rupter does not have to be checked annually to confirm proper gas pressure or presence of oil.

    Vacuum saves downstream equipment

    The incredibly high dielectric strength of Vacuum interruption allows for contact-clearances in millimeters with resultant, rapid arc-clearing times. Typically measured as a half- to three-quarter cycle before current-zero is achieved, downstream equipment is spared exposure to excessive current loads.

    In addition, the short-stroke and lightweight design means less shock-load on the switch and insulators.

    When performed properly, current interruption has minimal impact on the entire system, not just downstream. A vacuum’s inherent dielectric strength prevents strike-overs from transient voltage spikes and other stray currents that could cause equipment damage.

    Vacuum bottles do not vent to the atmosphere

    Unlike interruption dielectrics that vent greenhouse gases to the environment, Vacuum bottles vent nothing. Current interruption and arc-extinction occur in the void of the vacuum, leaving no ash, residue or by-product.

    Continued focus on maintaining a clean environment for current and future generations is clearly a desirable attribute for anyone charged with designing and specifying apparatus. There are other choices in interrupting dielectric today. We believe in making the clean choice – vacuum.

    TECO-Rupters offer the following advantages over other technologies:

    • Long Life and Maintenance-Free Operation – Controlled contact erosion results in long electrical life. Contacts are enclosed within the Vacuum interrupter. Over a million Vacuum contacts in use over 40 years.
    • New long life fiberglass housing is light weight yet strong. It is treated with UV inhibiting paint preventing “blooming.”
    • Excellent Sticking Resistance – Hard contact material minimizes contact sticking in Vacuum and is ideal for high current applications.
    • No Atmospheric Contact Contamination – No oxides and corrosion layers can form on the contacts.
    • No Noise, No Flash – All arcing is confined inside the Vacuum interrupter.
    • No Environmental Effects – Current interruption occurs in a vacuum; no greenhouse or toxic gases are emitted as in the application of SF6 based interruption technology.
    • Very Low Current Chop – The low average cutoff current results in a minimal induced transient voltage spike so that surge suppressors are not required.
    • Simple design = lower maintenance time and cost versus SF6 puffer technology.
    • Contacts rated at 250,000 mechanical operations, mean time between failures, and at 5,000 full load/voltage operations.

    Loop Splitting or Parallel Break Applications

    Normally, these are single Vacuum contact devices that can interrupt up to rated maximums under paralleled conditions. In this case, rated voltage will still exist on both sides of the switch after the open operation. The transient recovery voltage must not exceed 30kV RMS for the single contact Type RLS or 57kV RMS for the Type RLM. In general, Type RLS TECO-Rupters are used in Loop Split circuits up to 2000A. Type RLM TECO-Rupters are used in Loop Split circuits up to 3000A.

    More contacts can be added to address higher recovery voltages.

    Line Charging Applications

    A full voltage multiple stack interrupter may be utilized from 15kV through 230kV for interruption of line or bus charging currents and transformer magnetizing currents up to a value of 100 Amps at 0% power factor, capacitive or inductive. The nameplate operating current of the switch is not a factor in the application of this device.

    Type RLS and RLM TECO-Rupters can interrupt up to 100 Amps of line charging current up to 34Kv.

    Full Load Interruption Applications

    A full voltage multiple stack interrupter may be applied from 15kV through 230kV for interruption of actual load current at 70% power factor. Type RLS TECO-Rupters can interrupt 2000 Amps up to 34kV, Type RLM can interrupt 3000 Amps up to 34kV and Type RLB can interrupt 2000 Amps up to 230kV.

    The TECO-Rupter is only in the circuit momentarily during the opening sequence. Contact test studs are located on the exterior of the housing and allow for an independent Hi-Pot test of each Vacuum contact.

    Testing and Quality Assurance

    Every TECO-Rupter undergoes complete testing before leaving the factory. The test includes a dielectric test, resistance check and three separate Vacuum assurance tests.

    Strict documentation is kept to enable backtracking of contact materials.

    Ordering Information

    There are currently more than 1,000 pre-engineered designs to retrofit TECO-Rupter to other manufacturers’ switches.

    To see if we have one designed for your application, please contact your local representative or the factory and provide the following information:

    • Switch manufacturer
    • Catalog number
    • kV and current ratings

    If we don’t have one, we can design one for you. The design and set up is free. Our engineering staff and design team will develop a pre-engineered kit that will reduce field modification, human error and installation time.

    1 IEEE Transactions Vol. 33, No. 6 Nov./Dec. 1997, “Vacuum Interruption: The New Technology for Switching and Protecting Distribution Circuits.”