Aluminum 2ASB

SilverTip® 2ASB 2-way, aluminum side break switch

Type: SilverTip® 2ASB
Orientation: Phase-over-phase mounting
Ratings: 15kV through 230kV
Ratings A: 600, 1200 and 2000 Amperes

    Two Way Aluminum

    Aluminum construction, exceptional engineering and phase-over-phase designs.

    Turner’s 2ASB switches are the most versatile switches in the SilverTip® TSB family. They employ all the same, industry-leading characteristics of the SilverTip TSB family; reverse-loop, silver-plated copper jaw contacts, rotating-blade during open/close and easily updated ratings in the field. All 2ASB switches are designed and built for the harsh environmental conditions, galloping conductors and constant pole movement inherent in severe aerial applications.

    The 2ASB switch’s unique frame design, with conductor dead-ends right to the frame, easily orients itself to the line angle. Additional positions can be added quickly and with minimal effort. 2ASB switches are available in one, two, three, and four way mounting configurations for inline or 90 degree takeoffs

    SilverTip 2TSB switches on your system will:

    reduce construction costs – easily upgraded in the field . Don’t replace the blade or jaws, just reblade or rejaw! And, there’s no “toggle” adjustment during install.

    reduce maintenance costs – spring-loaded reverse-loop jaw design increases contact pressure, regardless of faults or surges.
    Exclusive blade lock keeps blade closed under galloping conductors.
    Patented rotating-blade design rolls the blade in the jaws to lock and unlock.

    and lower your inventory costs – live parts are interchangeable through the full voltage and current range (15 – 61kV, 600-2000 amps).

    Like the Silvertip shark’s double row of teeth, Turner’s SilverTip® 1ASB switch jaw contacts increase their holding power under resistance.


    Reverse-loop, silver-plated copper jaw contacts employ the natural repulsion of magnetic fields moving in opposite directions to exert holding forces against the blade edges.

    In fault conditions, the increased current flow increases the pressure, retaining the blade in the jaws.

    Blade Design

    The aluminum tubular blade design provides the proper combination of current-carrying capacity and rigidity. Silver-plated copper blade tips are easily field-replaceable, as are stationery and moving arcing horns.

    Rotating Blade Technology

    The gentle ways of the Silvertip shark earned it the name of “gentleman shark”. SilverTip® 2ASB switches gently close into position, with the blade tip engaging the jaws at a 30 degree angle, then rotating to engage the jaw contacts. They are not “slammed” under force into the contacts.

    Both the blade and jaw contacts are wiped clean during the closing action to ensure a low resistance current transfer. A heavy-duty blade-locking device keeps the blade closed despite temporary faults, surge currents, twisting structures or galloping conductors.

    The lock is released during the switch opening sequence as the blade rotates 30 degrees in the jaw. This action, exclusive to Turner’s SilverTip 2ASB switches, breaks up any ice or contamination, and releases the contact friction, allowing the blade to easily be removed from the contacts.

    Make Your Side Break a Load-Break Switch

    For more than 35 years, Turner Electric’s TECO-Rupter® Vacuum Interrupters have been the technology of choice for loop and load-break applications because of their current-interrupting ability, superior reliability and ease of application.

    The TECO-Rupter offers industry leading performance levels including superior TRV ratings compared to other load-break technologies such as SF6, longer service life and greater interrupting capacity. No other load-break device provides 5,000 full load operations at either 2,000 or 3,000 Ampere ratings and a TRV rating up to 57kV.

    Ordering Information

    Switch Rating Station Post Insulators Catalog Number
    Voltage Continuous
    Peak Amps Technical
    Reference #
    15kV 600 65,000 TR205 2ASB01506
    1200 99,000 2ASB01512
    2000 164,000 2ASB01520
    23kV 600 65,000 TR208 2ASB02306
    1200 99,000 2ASB02312
    2000 164,000 2ASB02320
    34kV 600 65,000 TR210 2ASB03406
    1200 99,000 2ASB03412
    2000 164,000 2ASB03420
    46kV 600 65,000 TR214 2ASB04606
    1200 99,000 2ASB04612
    2000 164,000 2ASB04620
    69kV 600 65,000 TR216 2ASB06906
    1200 99,000 2ASB06912
    2000 164,000 2ASB06920
    115kV 600 65,000 TR286 2ASB11506
    1200 99,000 2ASB11512
    2000 164,000 2ASB11520
    138kV 600 65,000 TR288 2ASB13806
    1200 99,000 2ASB13812
    2000 164,000 2ASB13820
    161kV 600 65,000 TR291 2ASB16106
    1200 99,000 2ASB16112
    2000 164,000 2ASB16120
    230kV 600 65,000 TR304 2ASB23006
    1200 99,000 2ASB23012
    2000 164,000 2ASB23020