Transmission Switches

Turner Electric is the industry choice for transmission switches.

For over 50 years, we have provided the highest quality products and developed the concept for “Substation in the Sky.”  We offer phase over phase construction versus phase next to phase, allowing the switch apparatus to be installed on the utility high voltage transmission line right of way.  No additional land is required.

Traditionally, these switches have been offered only in copper.  We still offer these proven “D” style switches, but we also listened to you and designed a completely new line employing aluminum.  The new “TSB” Line is rich with benefits and features.

Typical Specifications are written in much more detail than catalog descriptions of a product’s characteristics and operations. Frequently employed by engineers and construction companies to insure an equitable bidding practice, the following specifications for Turner Electric substation switching products are… read more
Turner’s One Way Side Break switches are designed for every application. We offer configurations for inline and tap line phase over phase configurations, as well as mountings suitable for platforms oriented both vertically and horizontally.… read more
Our Two Way Side Break Switches consolidate two switching options onto a single pole. Construction costs are reduced and right of way requirements are limited due to the phase over phase configurations. System flexibility is enhanced by allowing both sources… read more
Our Three Way Side Break Switches provide maximum flexibility for transmission switching options by providing control of not only the two sources, but also the tap line. Construction costs are reduced and right of way requirements are minimized due to… read more