Aluminum TMX

TMX Vertical Break Switches

Type: TMX
Orientation: Horizontal, vertical or underhung mounting
Ratings: 7.5kV through 345kV
Ratings A: 600, 1200, 2000 and 3000 Amperes

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Turner Electric designs and manufactures a complete line of substation switching apparatus for isolating, sectionalizing, and redirecting 15kV – 800kV systems. Designs available in both aluminum and copper are heavy duty, rugged switches, assuring our customers “reliability on demand”. Both 30ºC and 53ºC temperature rises are available.

For ratings above 345kV, Turner Electric provides the TMK40A switch.

High Reliability, “Utility-Grade” Performance
Reliability on Demand. That’s what you said you needed in a “Utility-Grade” Vertical Break switch. You also wanted a switch that can be easily upgraded while still installed. Turner listened, and the TMX line of switches was born.

Turner’s TMX aluminum-alloy switch is a rear rotating-stack, group-operated, heavy-duty, vertical air-break switch configured to provide our utility customers:

  • unparalleled ease of upgrade;
  • vastly shortened times between order and delivery;
  • significant reductions in installation-labor requirements;
  • maximum periods between scheduled maintenance.

The extreme-duty construction plus ease of operation and installation of Turner Electric’s TMX switch makes it perfect for demanding substation and line operations such as line dropping, isolating breakers and demagnetizing transformers. When coupled with the TECO-Rupter (with expanded interrupting capabilities), the new TMX switch easily interrupts up to 3000 Ampere without the use of potentially hazardous gasses.

Re-designed for Industry Needs
Performance criteria meet or exceed ANSI and NEMA standards, and independent test results prove we are more than qualified.

Internal construction is both simple and functional. In fact, there are only three moving current transfer points on the TMX switch; with the jaw being the only exposed separate contact. All current-carrying components are either silver plated copper alloy or high conductivity aluminum alloy.

Blade actuation on the TMX switch is based on the field-proven, DELTA STAR MK-40A EHV design that incorporates the blade counterbalancing spring within a tubular housing (69kV and above).

The counterbalance provides positive, all-position control of the blade throughout the complete opening-closing cycle. No auxiliary latches, cams or other mechanisms are employed. The switch operates smoothly and easily.

Factory-set blade stops assure proper positioning of blades in the opened and closed positions. The perfectly counterbalanced blade can be stopped in any intermediate position, from fully closed to fully open, without danger of the blade falling into a closed position.

Factory sealing of the entire driving mechanism assures permanent adjustments and eliminates maintenance in that area.

Whether installed in substations, or on transmission lines, these switches can be mounted upright, vertically or underhung.

Switch rating upgrades are accomplished in minutes by even in-experienced line crews. Ratings can be increased from 2000 Ampere to 3000 Ampere by changing the blade and adding contacts. Switch bases (on 115kV and above) are one-piece, extruded galvanized, square-tube steel.

Switch live parts are pre-assembled on the insulators at the factory for 138kV ratings and below as standard. Factory assembly is available for larger switches, however special shipping arrangements may be required due to height restrictions.

Reverse-Loop Contacts Design
In use since the 1950’s, reverse-loop designed contacts employ the natural repulsion of magnetic fields moving in the opposite direction to increase the holding-force against the blade edges. Increasing the current flow, such as in fault conditions, increases the magnetic repulsion, which creates a high-pressure force on the blade tip, holding the blade in the jaw.

Control Mechanisms
TMX Switches are operated with universal control mechanisms that adapt to any type of structure. Manual controls are furnished as standard equipment with each switch unit. A worm-gear operator is also available as an option.

TMX switches can be remotely and automatically controlled using either the SF100, SF200 or SF400 Motor Operator mechanism.

Terminal Pads
Connections are pre-drilled, 4-hole NEMA mounting points, integral to the extruded aluminum frame. This design easily accommodates dual conductor or heavy bus loading on each end. We exceed ANSI standards, supplying three mounting surfaces.

Blade Mechanism
The powerful blade mechanism is truly the height of simplicity – only three moving parts are employed. Easy field installation and adjustment is built into the design. Vertical stops can be adjusted to stop slightly past 90 degrees for flawless installation.

Blade and Jaw Contacts
TMX Switch contacts feature large deflection, high-conductivity tin plated copper fingers with silver-plated mating surfaces, reinforced with non-current carrying stainless steel back-up springs. Tips are tin-plated Copper with silver-plated contact points that are easily replaced.

Standard base construction, 115kV and above, is one-piece, extruded, galvanized, square-tube steel. Below 115kV, a single channel is provided. Bases are hot-dipped, galvanized steel; easily adaptable for mounting on steel or wood structures.

Hinge Mechanism
Turner’s method of enclosing the hinge mechanism protects the threaded, silver-to-silver contact surfaces from environmental concerns, which minimizes maintenance requirements.

The main pivot bearing consists of two tapered Timken© roller bearings, which are adjusted and lubricated at the factory and require no further attention for the life of the switch. Bearings are protected with a Neoprene seal, and permanently sealed at the bottom with a Welsh-type plug.

Jacking bolts are provided on the non-rotating insulators to meet any special leveling needs.

Make Your Vertical Break a Load-Break Switch
For more than 35 years, Turner Electric’s TECO-Rupter® Vacuum Interrupters have been the technology of choice for loop and load-break applications because of their current-interrupting ability, superior reliability and ease of application.

The TECO-Rupter offers industry leading performance levels including superior TRV ratings compared to other load-break technologies such as SF6, longer service life and greater interrupting capacity. No other load-break device provides 5,000 full load operations at either 2,000 or 3,000 Ampere ratings and a TRV rating up to 57kV.

Ordering Information

Switch Rating Station Post Insulators Catalog Number
Voltage Continuous
Peak Amps Technical
Reference #
15kV 600 65,000 TR205 TMX01506 TMXV01506
1200 99,000 TMX01512 TMXV01512
2000 164,000 TMX01520 TMXV01520
3000 195,000 TMX01530 TMXV01530
23kV 600 65,000 TR208 TMX02306 TMXV02306
1200 99,000 TMX02312 TMXV02312
2000 164,000 TMX02320 TMXV02320
3000 195,000 TMX02330 TMXV02330
34kV 600 65,000 TR210 TMX03406 TMXV03406
1200 99,000 TMX03412 TMXV03412
2000 164,000 TMX03420 TMXV03420
3000 195,000 TMX03430 TMXV03430
46kV 600 65,000 TR214 TMX04606 TMXV04606
1200 99,000 TMX04612 TMXV04612
2000 164,000 TMX04620 TMXV04620
3000 195,000 TMX04630 TMXV04630
69kV 600 65,000 TR216 TMX06906 TMXV06906
1200 99,000 TMX06912 TMXV06912
2000 164,000 TMX06920 TMXV06920
3000 195,000 TMX06930 TMXV06930
115kV 600 65,000 TR286 TMX11506 TMXV11506
1200 99,000 TMX11512 TMXV11512
2000 164,000 TMX11520 TMXV11520
3000 195,000 TMX11530 TMXV11530
138kV 600 65,000 TR288 TMX13806 TMXV13806
1200 99,000 TMX13812 TMXV13812
2000 164,000 TMX13820 TMXV13820
3000 195,000 TMX13830 TMXV13830
161kV 600 65,000 TR291 TMX16106 TMXV16106
1200 99,000 TMX16112 TMXV16112
2000 164,000 TMX16120 TMXV16120
3000 195,000 TMX16130 TMXV16130
230kV 600 65,000 TR304 TMX23006
1200 99,000 TMX23012
2000 164,000 TMX23020
3000 195,000 TMX23030
345kV 600 65,000 TR312 TMX34506
1200 99,000 TMX34512
2000 164,000 TMX34520
3000 195,000 TMX34530