Vertical Break

Turner Electric has expanded on the long standing history and reputation of Delta Star to develop an innovative line of vertical break switches.

We still offer the original Delta Star designs at higher voltage levels, such as 500kv and 765kV.  However, Turner has invested to develop an extension of the line incorporating commonality of parts throughout and allowing for simple upgrades in the field with the TMX line of switches.

Turner Electric designs and manufactures a complete line of substation switching apparatus for isolating, sectionalizing, and redirecting 15kV – 800kV systems. Designs available in both aluminum and copper are heavy duty, rugged switches, assuring our customers “reliability on demand”. Both… read more
TMK 40A Vertical Break Switch In 1998, Turner Electric acquired the DELTA-STAR High Voltage line, name and product rights. For more than 70 years prior, DELTA STAR switch products were the industry leaders, recognized worldwide for their superior quality and… read more