Hookstick Switches

Hookstick Substation Disconnect Switches

Type: BT2, BT2T (tandem), RH (regulator by-pass) Hookstick
Orientation: Vertical or underhung mounting
Ratings: 15kV through 138kV
Ratings A: 600, 1200 Amperes

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Turner hookstick switches are field-proven, robust designs engineered for the exposed environments and periodic operation inherent in utility applications.

Switches are available in single and tandem mountings for vertical or underhung operation. A specially configured switch consisting of two disconnect switches mounted on a common base with a third disconnect mounted on flat copper bus provides convenient switching of regulator circuits.

All blades are made of 98% hard-drawn copper, formed into a trussed “A” frame shape that resists side thrusts and assures proper blade alignment on closing. A positive latch holds the blade in a closed position during fault conditions. A powerful lever action built into the pull ring mechanism assures a hookstick operator can easily break contamination or ice.

The blade jaw contacts are silver to copper with silver contact buttons pressed into each blade. Jaw contact pressure is held constant by spherical bronze spring washers.

NEMA Standard 3″ B.C. station post insulators are furnished unless otherwise specified.

Make Your Hookstick a Load-Break Switch
For more than 35 years, Turner Electric’s TECO-Rupter® Vacuum Interrupters have been the technology of choice for loop and load-break applications because of their current-interrupting ability, superior reliability and ease of application.

The TECO-Rupter offers industry leading performance levels including superior TRV ratings compared to other load-break technologies such as SF6, longer service life and greater interrupting capacity. No other load-break device provides 5,000 full load operations at either 2,000 or 3,000 Ampere ratings and a TRV rating up to 57kV.