Aluminum TCB2

TCB2 Center Break Switch

Type: TCB2
Orientation: Horizontal, vertical and underhung mounting
Ratings: 38kV through 161kV
Ratings A: 600 and 1200 Ampere

    Turner TCB2 switches are heavy-duty, rotating stack, group operated, aluminum, center-break designs. Two insulator stacks instead of the traditional three reduces cost of materials, assembly and installation.

    Turner has accumulated more than 50 years proven field experience in air break switches. That means you get an easily installed, easily operated heavy-duty switch that provides maximum mechanical and electrical performance under all operating conditions.

    Its heavy-duty construction, proven reliability and ease of operation make the TCB2 switch perfect for demanding substation and line operations, such as breaker isolating and bypassing, transmission line and bus sectionalizing, isolating arrestors, metering equipment and other apparatus.

    The 600 Amp switch can be easily upgraded to 1200 Amp.

    Internal construction is simple, and virtually maintenance-free. The straight-forward, simple design provides smooth, easy operation, regardless of switch mounting attitude.

    TCB2 switches can be easily mounted in any position: horizontal, vertical, or inverted, with minimal structure requirements. The low silhouette and side-opening design make it particularly applicable for low overhead clearance applications.

    Concerns over station designs and appearances can be minimized due to the TCB2’s low profile construction.

    Right hand or left hand opening can be specified at time of order.

    Group operation is accomplished with an interphase pipe, group operated control pipe, outboard bearing, Vertical operating pipe and swing handle operator.

    Switch operation

    Moving parts in the blade assembly area are restricted to only one area. The terminal pad to blade interface is threaded, silver-plated and spring-loaded to ensure excellent current transfer as well as corrosion- and contamination-resistance.

    Arc transfer is easily accomplished with simple, easily maintained, stainless steel arcing horns. The horns are located away from the main current carrying contacts, eliminating any potential damage to critical, primary current-carrying surfaces.

    An optional high-speed, quick-whip assembly enhances the ability of the product to drop line or bus charging currents, as well as transformer magnetizing current.

    The extra heavy mounting base combined with the use of massive current carrying components helps ensure that contacts maintain proper alignment.

    The rotating bearing assembly consists of two tapered roller bearings, which are adjusted and lubricated at the factory and require no further attention for the life of the switch.

    Reverse Loop Contacts

    Massive contact construction provides positive mating, even if some blade misalignment occurs, during seismic activity or under heavy fault current. Silver-to-silver contact surfaces provide low resistivity with high conductivity.

    Hinge Terminal Pad

    The pivot point for the pad is directly over the insulator. This provides less bending moment, providing a strong load-bearing pad. The terminal pad threads are silver plated, and, once screwed into the hinge casting, sealed by means of a Buna “O” ring seal.

    Current Carrying Parts

    The TCB2 Aluminum switch has both aluminum and silver plated copper alloy live parts. Exposed current transfer points are silver to silver.


    NEMA standard strength gray porcelain insulators of the same voltage rating as the switch will be supplied, unless specified otherwise.

    Switch Adjustment

    Four leveling screws are provided on the sub-base of each insulator stack, to facilitate easy alignment after assembling the insulators on the switch. Adjusting the screws raises or lowers the end of the switch blade.


    Standard bases are hot-dipped, galvanized, rigid, steel sections. Lifetime bearings, requiring no lubrication, and open-close stops are built into the compact assembly.

    Make Your Center Break a Load-Break Switch

    For more than 35 years, Turner Electric’s TECO-Rupter® Vacuum Interrupters have been the technology of choice for loop and load-break applications because of their current-interrupting ability, superior reliability and ease of application.

    The TECO-Rupter offers industry leading performance levels including superior TRV ratings compared to other load-break technologies such as SF6, longer service life and greater interrupting capacity. No other load-break device provides 5,000 full load operations at either 2,000 or 3,000 Ampere ratings and a TRV rating up to 57kV.

    Ordering Information

    Switch Rating Station Post Insulators Catalog Number
    Voltage Continuous
    Reference #
    15kV 600 TR205 TCV201506 TCV2V01506 TCV2U015062
    1200 TCV201512 TCV2V01512 TCV2U0151
    23kV 600 TR208 TCV202306 TCV2V02306 TCV2U02306
    1200 TCV202312 TCV2V02312 TCV2U02312
    34kV 600 TR210 TCV203406 TCV2V03406 TCV2U03406
    1200 TCV203412 TCV2V03412 TCV2U03412
    46kV 600 TR214 TCV204606 TCV2V04606 TCV2U04606
    1200 TCV204612 TCV2V04612 TCV2U04612
    69kV 600 TR216 TCV206906 TCV2V06906 TCV2U06906
    1200 TCV206912 TCV2V06912 TCV2U06912
    115kV 600 TR286 TCV211506 TCV2V11506 TCV2U11506
    1200 TCV211512 TCV2V11512 TCV2U11512
    138kV 600 TR288 TCV213806 TCV2V13806 TCV2U13806
    1200 TCV213812 TCV2V13812 TCV2U13812
    161kV 600 TR291 TCV216106 TCV2V16106 TCV2U16106
    1200 TCV216112 TCV2V16112 TCV2U16112