We are committed to providing a full range of products to meet all of your substation requirements.

Throughout the years, we have relied on our belief in continuous improvement to innovatively solve the problems faced during many installations.  Our investment has ensured that our products are designed for ease of installation and will always maintain the high quality standard you have come to rely on.

Typical Specifications are written in much more detail than catalog descriptions of a product’s characteristics and operations. Frequently employed by engineers and construction companies to insure an equitable bidding practice, the following specifications for Turner Electric substation switching products are… read more
Turner Electric has expanded on the long standing history and reputation of Delta Star to develop an innovative line of vertical break switches. We still offer the original Delta Star designs at higher voltage levels, such as 500kv and 765kV. … read more
Turner’s side break switches can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications. They are designed as a stock switch, suitable for almost any application. The switch mounting flexibility makes it ideal for configurations on poles, on platforms, or on… read more
Turner Type TDEB switches are a heavy-duty, Double End Break Aluminum design that is most frequently applied when space is at a premium. Turner has accumulated more than 50 years of proven field experience in air break switches. That… read more
Turner Electric offers two options in Center Side Break Switches.  When space is at a premium we have the TCV2 model, which offers a “V” style configuration.  Or, if it is simply a low profile switching option, our TCB2… read more
Turner hookstick switches are field-proven, robust designs engineered for the exposed environments and periodic operation inherent in utility applications. Switches are available in single and tandem mountings for vertical or underhung operation. A specially configured switch consisting of two disconnect… read more