Positive blade latching is inherent in the unique design of the THS switch.

A stainless steel spring maintains consistent contact pressure between the switch blade and the terminal contacts.  Silver-plated-copper blade contact areas maximize current carrying performance.

Users can choose the degree of blade opening at time of installation by changing the position of a standard stainless steel clevis pin.  Position one allows the blade to open only 90 degrees.  Position two allows the blade to open to 160 degrees.

The galvanized steel base is equipped with one inch holes to allow dead ending of conductors up to 8000 lbs working load.  Switches can be surface mounted or cross-arm mounted.  Cross-arm mounting utilizes a separate bracket that is included with standard order.

Tin-plated copper NEMA two-hole terminal pads accept standard utility hardware and lugs.

Porcelain or polymer 2-1/4” bolt circle distribution insulators are available.

Select the drawing file(s) for your desired Turner Electric Substation switch(es) from the list below (PDF formatted).
NOTE: Turner Electric, LLC reserves the right to change any of the listed drawings at any time.


These drawings contain proprietary information and shall be used only in the best interest of Turner Electric. No portion of this document may be reproduced or disclosed without the written approval of Turner Electric.


D82000-2 – BT2 7.5kV – 23kV, 600A
SK831219 – BT2 34kV, 600A
SK871019 – BT2 46kV, 600A
SK960729 – BT2 69kV, 600A
SK981022 – BT2 115kV, 600A
D82002-2 – BT2 7.5kV – 23kV, 1200A
SK831215 – BT2 34kV, 1200A
SK871020 – BT2 46kV, 1200A
SK950601 – BT2 69kV, 1200A
SK980818 – BT2 115kV, 1200A
SK980423 – BT2 138kV, 1200A

D84000-2 – BT2T 7.5kV – 23kV, 600A
D84002-2 – BT2T 7.5kV – 23kV, 1200A

SK900510 – BT2S 15kV, 600A
SK900511 – BT2S 15kV, 1200A
SK931228 – BT2S 23kV, 1200A
SK971222 – BT2S 69kV, 1200A