Turner reliability, utility extreme performance

Hookstick switches on overhead distribution systems perform a simple, yet important function.  They allow operations personnel to quickly and easily sectionalize distribution circuits for maintenance, repair, re-routing or expansion.

Equipped with load break hooks, Turner Electric THS hookstick switches can be used with approved load break hookstick tools to safely break up to rated currents at rated voltages.

THS hookstick switches are available in 15kV and 27kV voltages, 600A continuous current, and withstand ratings of 25kA for two seconds (65kA peak).  THS switches meet or exceed requirements of the ANSI/IEEE standard C37.30.

Positive blade latching is inherent in the unique design of the THS switch. A stainless steel spring maintains consistent contact pressure between the switch blade and the terminal contacts.  Silver-plated-copper blade contact areas maximize current carrying performance. Users can choose… read more