SF300 Electro-Mechanical

SF300 Motor Operator

SF300 Design and Operation

The Turner SF300 motor drive is a high-speed, high-torque switch operator. The unique feature of field-changeable speed and torque output qualify the unit to be the most flexible operator available.

SF300 Application

The SF300 is a completely self-contained electro-mechanical-drive switch operator utilized to automatically and/or remotely control transmission or substation switches. The output speed and torque are easily changed in the field. The only operator available with two (2) closing rates – standard and high-speed – as well as high-speed opening, the SF300 provides maximum “Flex-ability”. The slow-to-high-speed rotational transition allows the switch to be closed just as it would if operated manually.

Component redundancy with the popular SF100 and SF200 Operators has been used where possible to limit customer spare parts stocking. The design has been factory tested to over 1000 operations. The 1.25 horsepower motor will provide years of trouble-free service.

Environmentally Qualified

The SF300 electro-mechanical motor operator is suitable for application between -40° F and + 160° F.
Standard installation mounting arrangements are available for wood, steel, or concrete poles. Standard substation arrangements are available for steel. Custom-engineered mounts are also available.

Conversely, high-speed action is desired when opening a switch, moving the switch blade rapidly through the high voltage arcing area to minimize switch damage and system

Ordering Information

Catalog No. Description Application Speed Operation Torque
SF300 – 24VDC SF300 – 24VDC 2-SPEED Transmission two-speed, high speed 180º rotation 9,000 in/lb.