When an installation requires remote operation, Turner Electric has the motor operator you need.

We offer a variety of automation and control options to operate the switch in the substation or on the transmission line.

SF100 and SF200 Motor Operator SF100 and SF200 Design and Operation The Turner SF100 and SF200 electro-mechanical motor drives are high-speed, high-torque switch operators with integrated, infinitely field adjustable auxiliary switches. The combination of these auxiliary switches with the degree… read more
SF300 Motor Operator SF300 Design and Operation The Turner SF300 motor drive is a high-speed, high-torque switch operator. The unique feature of field-changeable speed and torque output qualify the unit to be the most flexible operator available. SF300 Application The… read more
Typical Specifications are written in much more detail than catalog descriptions of a product’s characteristics and operations. Frequently employed by engineers and construction companies to insure an equitable bidding practice, the following specifications for Turner Electric substation switching products are… read more