Since 1953, Turner Electric has operated under the guiding principal that we will deliver quality products with superior customer service.

Initially started as a transmission switch company, we have extended our products and services in order to better serve the utility industry. Turner has a full range of products for Transmission, Substation, and Distribution applications. We also provide many accessories such as the TECORupter for superior load interruption, ground mats, and motor operators.

We are committed to providing a full range of products to meet all of your substation requirements. Throughout the years, we have relied on our belief in continuous improvement to innovatively solve the problems faced during many installations.  Our investment… read more
Turner Electric is the industry choice for transmission switches. For over 50 years, we have provided the highest quality products and developed the concept for “Substation in the Sky.”  We offer phase over phase construction versus phase next to phase,… read more
Vacuum Interrupters save maintenance, save downstream equipment and the environment. For more than 35 years, Turner Electric’s TECO-Rupter®Vacuum Interrupters have been the technology of choice for loop and load-break applications because of their current-interrupting ability, superior reliability and ease of… read more
When an installation requires remote operation, Turner Electric has the motor operator you need. We offer a variety of automation and control options to operate the switch in the substation or on the transmission line.… read more
Turner Electric is dedicated to providing equipment and accessories to ensure the operational safety of personnel. We offer a standard grounding mat for easy installation at the job site, as well as several transformer mounts.… read more
Turner reliability, utility extreme performance Hookstick switches on overhead distribution systems perform a simple, yet important function.  They allow operations personnel to quickly and easily sectionalize distribution circuits for maintenance, repair, re-routing or expansion. Equipped with load break hooks, Turner… read more