Turner Electric group-operated, air disconnect switches are typically made to the specifications of our Utility customers, or their Consulanting Engineering firms. Product line catalogs contain standardized product operating and mechanical characteristics that differentiate Turner switches from others.

To support the introduction of the new switching products being developed at Turner, a new catalog system is in development. Until ready for publication, many catalogs and Product-oriented Catalog Sections are only available in electronic form. We ask for your understanding during this considerable endeavor.

It is our intent and objective to have complete printed catalogs, inside Turner binders, available for distribution during the calendar year of 2010.

In the meantime, please download an electronic copy of the current catalog for your product of interest by clicking on the link below.

In an effort to make things easier for our customers, we have compiled all of our substation and transmission products into easy to use market catalogs.  The catalogs are available for download in .pdf format. The general market catalogs are… read more
If you are interested in a particular product and do not require a compete catalog of our substation or transmission products, we have product specific catalogs available for download in .pdf format.  These allow for quick access to switch specification… read more