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What is a full load break application?
A full load application occurs when, after opening the switch, there is voltage one on side of the switch and no voltage on the other side of the switch.

What are the ratings of the full load break interrupters?
Turner Electric’s full load break TECO-Rupter is rated for the full voltage and up to 2000A at a 70% power factor. For line dropping applications, the interrupter is rated to 70A at a 0% power factor.

What is a loop split application?
A loop split application is where, after opening the switch, there is voltage on both sides of the switch. This voltage can be estimated to be 10% of the rated line to ground voltage

What are the ratings of the loop split interrupters?
Turner Electric’s loop split TECO-Rupter is rated for 30kV, 2000A at a 70% power factor.

Can the magnitude of the line charging current be estimated?
Yes, you can use a value of 1/2A per mile for estimating the magnitude of the line charging current. For example, a 10 mile section of line will have 5A of line charging current.

Will Turner Electric’s TECO-Rupter mount on other manufacturer’s switches?
Yes, presently we have thousands of TECO-Rupter kits developed for mounting our TECO-Rupter on other manufacturer’s switches. We have kits for switches from 15kV through 230kV and from 600A through 3000A.

What information do you need to determine whether a TECO-Rupter kit has been developed for a specific switch?
We need the manufacturer’s name, the catalog type, the voltage and the amperage of the switch.

Can a new TECO-Rupter kit be developed if one does not exist presently?
Yes. All we need is a single pole of the switch including the live parts, base assembly and insulators. Once the single pole is received, we will mount our interrupter on the switch and develop all of the mounting brackets, pick-up hardware and mounting hardware required to adapt our interrupter to the switch. We will document the TECO-Rupter kit design with a drawing showing the installation.

Can your switches ship assembled with the insulators installed?
Yes, in most cases, but it depends on the switch type and size.

In the substation product lines, all switches rated 15kV through 69kV ship assembled. Switches rated 115kV through 161kV can be assembled for an additional fee.

In the transmission switch product line, assembly is not included as standard. Switches 15kV through 115kV can be shipped assembled for an additional fee.

Do you make platforms for mounting your switches on existing poles?
Yes, we make platforms for one, two, three or four pole mounting applications for all switches rated 15kV through 161kV. Consult the factory or your manufacturer’s representative for your specific application or for more details.

What type of structure or pole information is required to process an order once it is received?
The information needed to process your order can vary greatly from one order to another because of the different switch types that we manufacture and the different mounting structures. However, we have developed switch mounting data sheets for various switch types that will explain what information is needed. More information is available for download on the right of this page.

What are Direct Entry Orders?
Direct Entry (DE) orders are orders that have pre-approved drawings, have a definitive catalog number per customer, are a standard item for that customer and are ordered and shipped with the same parts every time.

What are the advantages of Direct Entry (DE) orders?
Advantages to Turner Electric’s customers include:

  • Better lead time since the engineering time has been eliminated.
  • Better pricing since we have an exact Bill of Material.
  • Less chance for error in the order entry and engineering processes.
  • Reduced instances of missing or wrong parts.