About Us

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Turner Electric was founded in 1953 and quickly became the leader in Transmission Switches.

In 1981, our product line was expanded to include Substation Switches and in 1988 we expanded again to incorporate Distribution Switches. Turner Electric is the only manufacturer of a complete range of air-break switches and accessories, from 15.5kV to 800kV. For more than 50 years, our products have been 100% factory assembled and tested, earning us a reputation as the highest quality switch supplier to the world’s largest utilities.

Equally known for our creative designs for complex switching requirements, Turner has become the “go to” company for utility engineers worldwide when they need a unique Transmission or Substation switch solution.

What is a full load break application? A full load application occurs when, after opening the switch, there is voltage one on side of the switch and no voltage on the other side of the switch. What are the ratings… read more
Quality in product- quality in sharing of information. Maintaining open lines of communication with our customers, representatives, distributors and trusted supply partners is mission-critical at Turner Electric. You choose the method of contact – phone (618-797-5000), e-mail or fax (618-797-5002)… read more