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Introducing the TecoRupter Type RLM

Turner’s newest load break switch attachment- now capable of interrupting up to 3000 amps with no SF6 gas!

For more than 40 years, Turner Electric’s TecoRupter vacuum interrupters have been the technology of choice for disconnect load break switch applications because of their current interrupting ability, superior reliability, and ease of installation.

TECO-RupterVacuum bottle manufacturing technology is a mature process and the bottles have proven to be rugged and dependable for over 40 years.  In fact, a major bottle manufacturer states “once a VI has been in the field for three to five years, it will continue to be reliable for life.  Also, after the first few years, there is less than one chance in 100,000 of a vacuum leak occurring.”

Further, vacuum interrupters environmentally friendly as compared to other interrupting mediums, releasing no green house gases or oil into the atmosphere.  In fact, “the US EPA recommends that alternative technologies to SF6 should be used whenever possible.” Vacuum easily meet that recommendation.

Also, vacuum interrupters do not fail catastrophically, enhancing worker safety.  Their compact, light weight design  and short contact stroke mean the switch see much less shock loading during operation, ensuring that the product stays in adjustment.

Turner’s Tecorupter RLM is available for application on disconnect switches to provide up to 3000 amp load interruption at 70% power factor.  They are available for retrofit up to 230kV on Turner switches as well as most other major switch brands.