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President Obama Creates New Power Line Project

In an effort to stimulate job growth, President Obama has sped up the process of permitting and construction on seven different power lines in twelve states. The Obama administration states that the objective is to use the project to create thousands of jobs and modernize the U.S. power grid.

The projects are:

— A 500 kilovolt (kV), 300-mile transmission line proposed by Idaho Power in Oregon and Idaho.
— 1,150 miles of high-voltage lines across Wyoming and Idaho.
— A 210-mile, 500 kV line near Salem, Ore.
— Two 500 kV transmission lines totaling 460 miles in Arizona and New Mexico.
— A 700-mile, 600 kV transmission line in Wyoming, Utah and Nevada. The project is intended to help develop new wind projects in Wyoming.
— A 150-mile, 345 kV transmission line in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
— A 145-mile, 500 kV transmission line in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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